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Press & Latch Square Post System


      The Press and Latch Cable System is a durable, seamless railing system for indoor and outdoor locations, such as stairs, decks, patios, stages and platforms. Robust 316 stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting cable system that is weatherproof. Reinforced with molybdenum, this type of stainless steel is resistant to natural corrosion, as well as high temperatures. A sleek, shiny surface offers an aesthetically-pleasing look, which is also easy to maintain. Heavy-duty metallic cables create a safe barrier for busy or elevated locations.

      Made from ANSI 316 Stainless Steel these posts comes stock in both 36" and 42" standard railing heights. Custom heights are available.

      The post is 1.57"x1.57" with a thickness of 0.124”.