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Annapolis, MD

John, a resident of Annapolis, MD, has always dreamt of owning a beautiful lake house, and his dream finally came true. The lake house had an expansive deck that overlooked the serene lake and lush forest, offering a breathtaking view that he loved to enjoy in his free time. However, he realized that the deck needed some renovation work to make it safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

After thorough research, John came across Inline Design, a leading company that specializes in high-quality stainless steel cable railings. He decided to trust their expertise and contacted them for a consultation. The team at Inline Design was thrilled to hear about John's vision and worked with him to come up with a custom railing solution that would complement his deck's beauty.

After careful consideration, John opted for the stainless steel square cable railing, which not only added a touch of modern sophistication but also maximized his deck's usable space. He chose the side-mounted option over the floor-mounted option as it allowed him to make the most of the deck space, and the end result was stunning.

The team at Inline Design installed the stainless steel square cable railing with precision and care, ensuring that it was both sturdy and visually appealing. John was amazed by the transformation of his deck and was thrilled to invite his friends and family over to enjoy the beautiful view while feeling safe and secure on his new railing.

Thanks to Inline Design's expert knowledge and top-notch products, John's lake house deck is now the perfect spot for entertaining guests or simply relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. If you're looking for a high-quality railing solution for your home, trust Inline Design to provide you with the best products and expert advice to transform your space.

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