Cable Railing

Cable Railing


      The Press and Latch Cable System is a durable, seamless Railing system for indoor and outdoor locations, such as stairs, decks, patios, stages, and platforms. Made from robust Stainless Steel AISI 316 that ensures a long-lasting Cable system that is resistant to weather. Reinforced with molybdenum, this type of Stainless Steel is naturally resistant to corrosion, as well as high temperatures. A sleek, shiny surface offers an aesthetically pleasing look, which is also easy to maintain. Heavy-duty metallic Cable infill creates a safe barrier for busy or elevated locations.

      How Much Does Stainless Steel Cable Railing Cost?

      Stainless Steel Post and Handrail Cost Comparisons can vary depending on the design and complexity of the Railing. Stainless Steel Posts range from $140 to $450 per post, with about 10% difference in cost between round and square material. Square or Round Stainless Steel Handrails are in the $20 per foot range. The Cable cost runs between $0.70 - $1.30 per foot. Installation typically runs $20 - $25 per foot.

      Does Cable Railing Last?

      Cable Railing is generally created using Stainless Steel and will last for years without significant rusting or similar problems. That will mean you will not have to spend the time, money, or effort to replace.

      Which Railing Is Best?

      To find the best Railing for your application, you'll need to consider your materials, configuration, and application options. A Stainless Steel Cable or Bar Railing is corrosion-resistant, easy to work with, and has virtually no maintenance. In comparison, a Glass Railing has a pleasant aesthetic experience, giving maximum visibility to the surrounding environment but requiring greater care.

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