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Press & Latch Cable Railing Used to Complete a Perfect Remodel

Sometimes a room feels lacking, even with perfect interior decorating. So what’s missing? The lighting is spot on, the black leather barstools balance out the light finish on the wooden cabinets, but something is off. For Diane, that something was the staircase leading from the living room and kitchen to the den.

After finishing a magnificent remodel of the upstairs living space, Diane noticed the staircase cut right into the floor with no railing down to the den. It made the room look a little awkward, and it was dangerous! Diane had forgotten to factor in the railing; she got caught in the swirl of decisions for remodeling the rest of the space. But once she completed the rest of the area, the emptiness around the stairs was glaring.

The way the stairs were placed, it was easy for someone to misstep and fall. Kids in socks could slide right into the stairwell, or an excited dog could skitter over the gorgeous wood floors and go head first down the stairs. Plus, the switch from the homey, relaxed feeling of the den to the more elegant living room was just a little jarring. It needed a stainless steel note to help the transition. Fortunately, Diane found After searching through pictures of Inline Design’s previous work, she decided to give us a call.

All Diane had to do was send in a few pictures of the staircase and surrounding space, some measurements, and a description of her vision for the result. Then our team at Inline Design put together a few options for Diane to choose from: the Press and Latch Cable Railing System in both square or round, the Seattle Bar System, and a selection of handrail brackets for the handrail leading downstairs. After receiving a quote within 48 hours of her request, Diane fell in love with the Square Press and Latch cable railing and Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Gamma Quasar. Both products matched the modern, angular style Diane was after, and the thin cabling of the Press and Latch would help keep the living room feeling spacious.

Diane was eager to get installation underway with a timely delivery of the square Press and Latch system and Handrail Wall Brackets. Thankfully the straightforward installation, which can be done by a professional or individual seeking a DIY project, was a breeze, and the railing was up in no time. The stainless steel handrail down to the den was the finishing touch that the room needed to pull everything together.

The sparkle from the sconce light fixtures plays brightly off the stainless steel cabling, and the other steel accents in the kitchen are now a bit bolder. Finally, Diane can be satisfied with her remodeling. All it took was a sleek railing and a little help from Inline Design.

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