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DIY Deck Railing

Bob and his wife had the nerve to start a DIY deck railing project. The two were searching for a weather-resistant railing system for their forest-facing deck. A system that they could install themselves. Bob had only minimal prior construction experience. He is a Professor of Forest Policy, and his wife is the owner of a Desktop Publishing Company. They decided to take to it with a can-do attitude and handle the entire install without professional help.

When Bob arrived, he had already done his homework and was ready for us. He asked great questions and sent us our official quote request form. The Inline Design quote request form is helpful for all parties involved in planning since it defines the specifications of the requested system. Whether working alone or with a contractor, this is a great place to get started.

Bob's lovely home in upstate New York seems pulled from a fable. It lies in a glen surrounded by shade, set against the beautiful backdrop of forest and flower. The 2nd story backyard deck has clean slate grey wooden flooring and matching light grey house paint accented by white and charcoal trim. The stage was set with just one piece missing.

The deck needed a transparent railing solution that would not detract from any of the surrounding beauty.

They decided on the:

  • Press and Latch Cable Railing System
  • Side Mounted Round Inside Corner Posts
  • Round Side Mounted Outside Corner Posts, Fascia Middle Posts, End Post Tensioner
  • Closed-End Caps for the bottom w/ Extra Curved End Cap for the other end of their railing where it meets a 4′ high wall
  • Also, the "Tap Drill Metric HSS Spiral Fluted M35 Triangle Shank Cobalt Twist" Drill Kit to drill and tap the railings

We sent a complete set of helpful DIY instructions, guides, links, and installation videos to aid the project.

Outdoor corrosion being a concern, Bob was pleased to learn:

  • Inline Design railing systems and components are comprised of the highest quality marine-grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
  • All steel is naturally corrosive, but 316 Stainless Steel has a higher concentration of molybdenum. Molybdenum is a ductile silver-white metal that is highly resistant to pitting, corrosion, and temperature.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, and beachfront property. 316 Stainless Steel is considered an excellent choice for applications within five miles of saltwater due to its enhanced corrosion resistance
  • The passivation solution needs to be applied to clean the railings from any surface contamination due to installation. It's recommended to use the solution immediately after installation and on a twice-yearly application schedule depending on climate and conditions.

After returning from a fishing vacation, Bob forwarded us some fantastic pictures of their newly installed railing system. He even offered to provide us a narrative emphasizing the ease of installation by him and his wife.

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