Installation Guidance - Removing Scratch Marks


Review our directions for how to clean stainless steel surfaces from scratch marks.

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glass, working gloves and breathing mask at all times.


  1. Scotch-BriteTM Non Scratch Scrub Sponge
  2. Mild Soap
  3. Soft Cloth or Paper towel


  1. Wet the sponge with water and then add dishwashing liquid
  2. Hand scrub the marked surface with the same direction of the grain using the Round Tubing
  3. Wet the sand paper with water or stainless steel cleaner
  4. Sand the scratched surface in the same direction of the grain.
  5. Clean the surface using a paper towel. Repeat until the desired finish is achieved.


PDF Instructions

NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after a some exposure to weather or salty conditions. We recommend using our passivationsolution or some sort of stainless polish to keep any surface corrosion from happening; more information available on our Engineering Specs Page.