Stainless Steel Passivating Kit - CitriSurf ® 77 Plus

Stainless Steel Passivating Kit - CitriSurf ® 77 Plus

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Awesome product. It delivers on what it promises.

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Important Note: After using the passivating kit, please use a Stainless Steel Cleaner (Link) that you can find at your local Home Depot store. Using the cleaner will seal the stainless steel and prevent any rust from coming back. Missing this step will make the rust comes back.

CitriSurf® 77 Plus is a high quality blend of chemicals for mulated for passivation and cleaning of stainless steel products. It is provided in trigger sprayer bottles for applications where it is desired to spray the product on a local area. CitriSurf 77 Plus is specifically designed to provide a portable, low cost and efficient removal of contaminants and free iron from the surface of stainless steel, providing the highest chrome oxide levels possible to resist rust.

Refer to CitriSurf® 77 Plus Product Information

For removing existing rust please follow the following maintenance document but use the CitrisSurf product instead of the stainless steel appliance cleaner as mentioned in the document. A stainlesss steel appliance cleaner may be used a week after passivating the stainless steel surface but it's not recommeneded to use both products together at the time of the passivation.

Application Procedure: To assure best results the parts or areas to be passivated may be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning solution prior to treatment with CitriSurf 77 Plus solution, especially when heavy grease and oils are present.

The parts or areas to be cleaned and passivated should be sprayed, immersed or wiped with CitriSurf 77 Plus to completely wet the surfaces, especially in crevices or in areas where any rust or corrosion may occur or have occurred. The surface must be soaked or left moist with the CitriSurf 77 Plus solution for a period of 15-30 minutes at room temperature. After soaking, rinse the surface with clean water. The surface can then be wiped dry with a clean cloth or appropriate absorbent medium. Allow the surface to air dry prior to use. CitriSurf 77 Plus will not harm the surface of stainless steel appliances or surfaces, and will enhance the brightness when used as directed.

CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc.


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