Tip Sheet - Installing Arcadia Railings


Following these instructions will minimize the issues while installing the cable system. The most common mistake is twisting the cable while tensioning. This will result in the cables gradually untwisting the tensioners and/or eye bolts over time. Another common issue, is the tendency to over-tighten the cable fittings, which will eventually cause damage to the system. Make sure all cables between posts are equally tightened. Over- tightening one may cause the other cables to become loose.


  • Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves and breathing masks at all times
  • Inspect before installation or use; do not use if parts are loose or damaged.
  • Use for intended purposes only
  • Beware of dynamic loading. Sudden jerks against load may briefly create excess load, causing failure

It is the responsibility of Inline Design customers to comply with local, national, and international building codes. Please ensure proper research is conducted prior to installation, due to various building codes, Inline Design will not be liable for ensuring that projects meet code requirements.

Tools Required

    1. Level
    2. Speed Square
    3. SS Shims
    4. 2 x 10mm wrenches
    5. WD-40
    6. Cable Cutter
    7. Metal Cutter: SawJaw, Cutting Wheel, Band Saw, etc.

Part 1: Mounting Posts

  1. For horizontal runs, space the middle posts (if any) evenly between the end/corner posts and follow to the maximum span recommendation. We recommend a 5’ max span for 36” height posts, and a 4’ max span for 42” height posts.
  2. For the stairs, please refer to "Recommended Stairs Posts Placement" or the CAD drawing that Inline Design provided as a complimentary service.
  3. Mount the posts down. Please refer to “Mounting Options” . Customers can add shims to the bottom of the posts and use the leveler to ensure the posts are all vertical/plumb.
  4. Slide the base cover in, for the top mounted posts, before the next step.

Part 2: Cutting the Top Rails

  1. Make sure the posts are plumb/vertical (with the leveler) before measuring and cutting the top bars.
  2. Measure from the outside edge of one end post to the outside edge of the other end post and cut the flat bars
  3. accordingly.
  4. The maximum bar length is 13’. Customers must weld the bars together for longer spans.
  5. For corner posts, two top rails can be joined together at 45°, or from one side of the bar. (example below)

Part 3: Welding the top bars to the posts

Please refer these links for the welding tips only, DO NOT attempt yourself if you are inexperienced in welding.

We highly recommend hiring a professional welder to complete this segment.

Part 4: Installing cable Tensioners/Terminals (if using the Arcadia Cable system)

Part 5: Installing Arcadia Glass Clamps (if using Arcadia Glass system)

Part 6: Maintaining a Stainless Steel Surface

NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after some exposure to weather or salty conditions; we recommend using our passivation solution or a stainless steel polish to prevent surface corrosion; more information available on our Engineering Specs Page