Installing Stainless Steel Handrails

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Below are instructions for properly installing a handrail bracket to a stainless steel tube. This requires tapping and drilling the handrail and then attaching the handrail bracket to the handrail. This may require two people. Another way to connect the handrail bracket to the post, is by welding.

NOTE: For cable systems, handrails must be installed before your cable. The handrail and handrail brackets will provide the necessary support for the posts while the cable is being installed.

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves and breathing mask at all times

Tools Required (links included)

1)  Marking pen

2)  Center punch tool

3)  Drill press

4)  Tap tool

5)  Cutting oil

6)  Stainless steel machine screws

7)  [For round tube only] self-centering drill press jig

8)  Cobalt drill bits

9)  Hand power drill

10)  Phillips screw driver

Drilling and Tapping

1)  Position handrail on saddles or handrail brackets

2)  Mark your drilling points with a pen using the posts and saddles as a template

3)  Remove saddles from post or handrail bracket (in the case it is removable)

4)  Center punch your marked drilling points; this will keep the drill bit from skiddingpage1image18440 page1image18600

5) Adjust the drill press to 620 rpm

6) Apply cutting oil; drill the tube at your marked points using Cobalt drill bits. [For round tube only: you will need a self-centering drill press jig]

7) Tap the tube using the hand-powered drill (at low speed) and the corresponding tap

Note: If there was an issues tapping, tap again with the next size and corresponding screw

8) Repeat steps 4-7 to all your marked points

9) Follow the instructions in this document for installing the necessary end caps, flush angles, or wall returns to complete your installation.

NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after a some exposure to weather or salty conditions. We recommend using our passivation solution or some sort of stainless polish to keep any surf corrosion from happening