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Installation Guidance - CAD Drawings

Large orders and projects typically require some custom production. We create product assembly, manufacturing, and shop drawings as well as post plans.

Assembly drawings

Assembly drawings show how the different components are assembled to create the final product. The different parts are identified by part number and have a parts list or bill of materials included on the sheet. They usually consist of orthogonal views, sections and elevations, or three-dimensional views, showing the assembled components, or an exploded view showing the relationship between the components and how they fit together.

Manufacturing drawings

These are pretty self explanatory. They show all the detailed specifications of the product so it can be manufactured. These drawings are designed to call out material, tolerances and finish details with the part. If there is an issue with the component we refer to these drawings to check to see of the manufacturing process meets the defined tolerances and material specifications.

Shop Drawings

A detailed drawing or set of drawings produced critical are the installation and coordination with the MEP trades on a job site. Our shop drawing packages are usually incorporated into the overall drawing package for the project. They include the information that is shown in the construction documents used in submittal for building permits.

Post Plans

These are the least technical drawing packages we deliver. They show the layout of the project and are used a talking points with the client to avoid missing any details of their project. This requires a simple approach when creating them and are provided as part of most quotes.

Inline Design offers free CAD drawings and project layouts as a service to our customers.

Initial CAD drawings for custom work must be approved by our customers prior to moving forward with custom production. We require a $500 deposit to initiate the CAD design process which is credited back to your order. From beginning to end, these orders are estimated to take 2 weeks in production lead time.

The drawings below are great examples of what our CAD design looks like – detailing post placements and the specifications.