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Prior to using any railing products from any vendor it is incumbent on the homeowner, designer, fabricator and installer to make themselves familiar with local building codes that apply to their applications.

Inline Design provides relevant information about code compliance throughout the website, specification sheets and instructional booklets. The information only serves as a guide (advisory capacity) and should not be used to address building compliance issues or compliance with safety standards.

Inline Design is not liable for any non-compliance that may arise from installations or improper use of company products. For more information about local building codes, customers are encouraged to contact their city specialist or contact a relevant Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Every effort is made at Inline Design in the design of our products to meet the structural strength requirements for handrail, guardrails and ADA rails. Our engineering team works hard to to make sure all designs meet both the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) requirements. A safety factor of 2.5 is usually added to the testing.

While our products are designed to meet the code requirements for the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) requirements we do not specify the method to attach the system to the structure.

All of our railings and components are comprised of high-quality, marine-grade ANSI 316 stainless steel. This robust material is suitable for indoor, outdoor and beach-front areas. ANSI 316 stainless steel is excellent for applications within five miles of saltwater or seawater due to its corrosion-resistant properties. It contains a higher concentration of molybdenum, compared to other stainless-steel variants, resulting in an active resistance to pitting and corrosion that is common in marine-based locations, docks, shipyards, commercial sites, industrial facilities and general public locations.

Our ANSI 316 stainless steel components are randomly lab tested to ensure the metallurgic makeup meets the standards for 316 stainless steel and corrosion resistance. Testing is conducted by Metal Test Inc. in Kent, WA.

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