Installation Guidance - Handrail Fittings


Below are instructions for proper installation of a Stainless Steel End Cap into a post. These instructions apply for Inline Design’s stainless steel cable railing systems, glass systems and bar holder systems, and wall mounted tube handrail system.

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working glo ves and breathing mask all the times.

Tools Required:

    1. Cloth or styrofoam bag
    2. Weighted Rubber Mallet


      1. JB Weld Glue
    Installation Instructions
      1. Apply JB Weld glue to the inside of the post
      2. Position the end cap on top of the post.
      3. Cover the end cap with a piece of cloth or styrofoam to protect it from any scratches.
      4. Tap the end cap in using a rubber mallet.



    NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after a some exposure to weather or salty conditions. We recommend using our passivation solution or some sort of stainless polish to keep any surface corrosion from happening