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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our customer, Sarah from Fort Lauderdale, FL, had a vision of creating a sleek and modern look for her contemporary-style home with wood flooring and white walls. She decided to add a glass railing to her staircase and chose our Glass Railing Round Post Surface Mount, Stainless Steel Round Glass Clamp, Round Handrail Parts, and Handrail Bracket Gamma Quasar to achieve the look she wanted.

With our expertise in stainless steel railing systems, we provided Sarah with the highest quality materials to bring her vision to life. Our Glass Railing Round Post Surface Mount was the perfect solution for her staircase, providing a sturdy and secure base for her glass railing. The Stainless Steel Round Glass Clamp ensured the glass was secure and in place, while the Round Handrail Parts and Handrail Bracket Gamma Quasar added a finishing touch of elegance.

The final result was a stunning glass railing that beautifully complemented the modern style of Sarah's home. The transparency of the glass and the stainless steel hardware provided a subtle contrast to the wood flooring and white walls, creating a visually stunning effect. Sarah was extremely pleased with the end result and appreciated the high-quality products we provided.

We take pride in our ability to provide the best solutions for our clients, and this project was no exception. Our stainless steel railing system provided not only a visually appealing look but also ensured safety and security for Sarah and her family.

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