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Federal Way, WA

The community church in Federal Way, Washington, had been searching for a railing solution that would provide a modern look while also ensuring the safety of their members. That's when they turned to us at Inline Design. They chose our stainless steel square post glass railing with a square handrail on top for its sleek design and durability. The railing was installed around the media booth, stairs, and balconies, providing a stunning visual effect that complemented the church's contemporary aesthetic.

Our team worked closely with the church to ensure that the design met their specific requirements. We used our experience and expertise to install the railing efficiently while minimizing disruption to the church's activities. The result was a beautiful and functional railing system that exceeded the church's expectations.

The community church in Federal Way was thrilled with the outcome of the project. They were impressed by the quality of the materials and the precision of the installation. They now have a durable and visually appealing railing solution that will serve their members for years to come.

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