Enhancing Places of Worship with Elegant Glass Railing Systems

At Inline Design, we provide railing systems and handrail brackets for modern buildings and places of worship like churches. In this success story, our Virginia Round Glass Railing System and Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets created a safe and comfortable environment for church-goers.

Peter, a first-time customer and contractor, needed elegant railings for his local church in Washington. He installed our stainless steel railings with glass panels and brackets along stairways, indoor balconies, and the center stage. These railings added elegance and safety throughout the facility.

Inline Design joined the project after architects noticed our brand on the blueprint. With the support of the church community, Peter contacted our sales department with the project's specifications.

Peter's order included 63 posts and 66 Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets. Here's how he used them:

  1. Stairways: Stainless steel railings with rounded Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets provided support, while glass panels near the entry and exit points ensured a smooth transition.

  2. Indoor balconies: Transparent glass railing systems acted as safety barriers without obstructing the view. Stainless steel supports with top horizontal railings added extra security.

  3. Stage: Stainless steel railings and non-transparent panels created segregation between the background choir and the center podium, enhancing the stage's appeal.

Our sales representative guided Peter, providing valuable information to streamline the installation process. We ensured compliance with building codes and received inspector approval. Inline Design provided comprehensive support, and installation was completed in under two weeks.

The project was a success, leaving a lasting impression on church members. Peter recommended our products and is currently working on another project with our stainless steel railings. We appreciate Peter's support and look forward to serving him again. Thank you, Peter!

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