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Custom Stair Railing

Designing and building a home from the ground up can be challenging to say the least, especially when working with suppliers over the phone or by email. Delayed orders, unforetold measurement mixups, test tiles not matching actual tiles, you name it. Zachary was well aware of the potential mishaps while designing and building his home. That’s one of the reasons he came to us to supply the railing for the stairway connecting his carpeted downstairs with his tiled upstairs.

Zachary had picked out gorgeous, white marble tiles for the upstairs. The veins of grey stone complemented the carpet Zachary wanted for the downstairs, but he needed something to pull it all together. Zachary gave us a call to talk options and ended up placing an order for our Press and Latch Cable Railing System with a round profile, which had caught his eye. The stainless steel would fit right in with his sleek, modern design plans. Plus, he could install it himself.

Fortunately, members of our shipping team noticed two of the posts that were ordered would need custom work, so we reached out to Zachary for pictures of the space. Even though the stairs were only partly constructed, our design team used Zachary’s images to get the custom posts just right. Zachary’s order went smooth, and he was able to install it with no problems.