Press and Latch Cable Railing custom application

Inline Design is renowned for its bespoke customer service, as showcased by our Press and Latch Cable Railing Custom Application project. This unique Do-It-Yourself system reduces installation time by 80% and doesn't require any specialized tools. It provides all necessary cable railing components based on the client's measurements.

Let's look at the case study of Anthony, a repeat customer from New York, who chose Inline Design for his interior and exterior railing needs. Opting for a stainless steel Press and Latch Cable Railing System with square tubing and end caps, Anthony managed his project via email interactions with our team.

In this process, the client ordered stair posts without pre-drilled holes and infill. Despite an initial hiccup with two missing flat saddles in the shipped order, our team promptly addressed the issue, shipping the required components at no extra cost.

Post-installation, Anthony shared photos of his modern, sleekly finished project, showcasing the seamless blend of his vision and our quality craftsmanship. This case study stands as proof of our commitment to our clients, not only in providing high-quality railing systems but also in accompanying them through every stage of the installation process. At Inline Design, a project isn't complete until the client is satisfied.

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