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Glass and Cable Railing In Indiana: A Hybrid Solution Case Study

We at Inline Design are always open to challenging projects. Such projects have immense scope for learning and developing new solutions for clients. We undertook one such project to create a hybrid solution for Damian with Interior glass railing and exterior cable railing in Indiana. Below are the case facts that will show you how proud we are once we meet each client's expectations.

Initial Discussion With Client: Understanding His Cable Railing Requirements

Damian has a beautiful-looking modern home in Indiana with lush lawns all around. He wanted to ensure that the house has cable railing everywhere it was required.

Modern Home With Stainless Steel Deck Railing

He sent us a few pictures of his home via email and requested an appropriate solution that will go with his house's overall look and feel. He clearly mentioned that two specific parts of the home where cable or other railings were necessary were the indoor stairs and the outdoor balcony. Further, he even let us suggest if any more areas should have railings for safety reasons.

Problem Identification: Suggesting The Hybrid Stainless Steel & Glass Solution 

Once our sales team had a look at the pictures, we could immediately identify what would work best for Damian. We have had years of experience in the cable railing space, and we know what works the best. However, we don't let our experience become a hurdle in understanding the client's preferences, because after all, client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

A close up of the steel deck railing

Looking at the home's interior pictures and wooden flooring, we suggested glass railing for the stairs. However, with Indiana's extreme hot and cold weather, we knew nothing would withstand it better than the stainless steel cable railing system.

Hence the hybrid cable and glass railing solution came into existence.

Interior glass railing with steel posts

Client Approval, Railing Installation & Final Feedback 

As Damian agreed with our solution, he went ahead with our experience and opted for the hybrid railing solution coupling the glass and cable railings with our popular round tubing for his modern style house in Indiana.

The result was beautifully executed. Damian chose our Virginia round glass railing for the interior of his house and the Press and Latch cable railing system for the exterior deck.

Deck made of wood with steel cable railing

Damian was so glad that he chose us because, based on his past experience, he felt that other companies would only push their most expensive products to the client without considering what's best for the client. He went on to say,

"Inline Design puts clients first, and they only sell valuable solutions that meet client's requirements. It has been years since the installation of the hybrid solution, and till now, I have not faced any issue because of the weather. I am thankful that I met the best company for the railing products."

Stairs with glass railing and steel posts

Our Learnings & Gratitude

We thank Damian for his kind review. We never shy away from any difficult project. Once we developed the hybrid cable and glass railing solution, it became our intangible asset. It gave us the experience required for many similar projects in the future. We are grateful to Damian, who chose us for such an intricate requirement that became our USP and brought us many accolades in the following projects.

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