Tip Sheet - Mounting Guidance - Fascia Mount


Due to the variety of floor surfaces, customers must supply the connecting hardware for the base, i.e. screws, bolts, anchor bolts, grout etc. Please use this document for guidance only.

This Tip Sheet shows anchoring options into different surfaces. For side mounting to fascia boards, joists or walls. Fascia Mount posts come with pre-drilled countersunk bolt holes.

Mounting Flange

Fascia mounting plates measure 35/8″ x 51/2″ x 3/8″ thick and are used for any concrete, joist and fascia mounting. The system is designed to be mounted 1" below the surface.

Corner Flanges

Anchoring into Concrete

The use of either a mechanical anchor or adhesive anchor is advised. Contact your local building department for what is permitted in you locale.

    • Mechanical anchor - 3/8wedge anchors 41/2″ or longer or equivalent.
    • Adhesive anchor - HIT-RE 500 V3 EPOXY ANCHOR or equivalent.
    • Anchor must be embedded 3″ or deeper in concrete
    • Concrete Slab must be a minimum if 7 1/2 thick where fascia mounts are being installed.
    • Concrete must be normal weight 3000 psi or stronger
    • Use a torque wrench to tighten anchor bolt to 25 foot pound

Customers are responsible to complying with their local building codes and/or architects guidelines therefore Inline Design shall, in no way be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused.

Fascia Mounting Flange

Fascia Mount Anchoring into Concrete
Fascia Mount Anchoring into Steel
Fascia Mount Anchoring into Wood
We strongly suggest the use of the correct Simpson Strong-Tie products when mounting in concrete. Here is an informational video to help with selecting tyhe the solution.