Tip Sheet - Installing Handrail Bracket - Event Horizon


These instructions will provide step-by-step installation guidelines for installing the Stainless Steel

Handrail Wall Bracket Event Horizon, HBWA.016 into sheetrock, wood, or drywall surfaces

This bracket comes with a round saddle adapter to attach to round tubing and 2x M5 screws to attach to a handrail

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves and breathing mask all the times.

Tools Required

  1. Stud-finder
  2. Handheld drill
  3. 3/16” drill bit
  4. [Not Provided] 1x 3/8” mounting wall screw or bolt

Parts List:


  1. Using a stud-finder, locate a stud and spot drill using 1/8” drill bit (true for wood or steel/metal stud)
  2. Lift and tape flange base cover to expose the 1/4” screws on wall flange;

  3. Position bracket at desired orientation; use selected wall mounting screws (not provided) to secure the bracket to the mounting surface

Note: If using a round handrail, position the round saddle adapter on top of the flat saddle before attaching handrails.

    NOTE: If the bracket doesn’t align properly you can pound it out using a 1” rod from the bottom of the post. Be careful not to hit any of the tube threading while inserting the rod. Do this over a piece of cloth so that they bracket does not get scratched when it is pounded out.


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    NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after some exposure to weather or salty conditions; we recommend using our passivation solution or a stainless steel polish to prevent surface corrosion; more information available on our Engineering Specification Page