Tip sheet - Glass Adapter Installation Guidance


These instructions will provide step-by-step installation guidelines for installing the Glass Adapter. The Glass adapter comes with 2 round rubber gaskets, a standoff column (30/40 mm), and the mounting sleeve (you will need to purchase the connection screw separately). Glass Adapters should be installed at a maximum distance of every 4 feet.

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves, and mask at all times

Tools Required

  1. Drilling tool for substrate
  2. 1/4” drill bit
  3. The holes require on glass are 1” in diameter.


  1. When using a 3/8” lag screw, spot drill using 1/4” drill bit, different mounting surfaces require different methods.
  2. Begin with only the mounting sleeve with the appropriate screw
  3. Twist the standoff column (#3) onto the sleeve.
  4. Insert the gasket #4, place the glass in place, then gasket #5, and then place cap #6 and screw in over the glass. The hole size on the glass is 1” in diameter.