5% Rebate Program

Customers who submit high quality images of their finished railing or handrail installation will be issued a 5% rebate check and photos will be published in our clients gallery and other media platforms to support our marketing efforts.

Desiring the highest quality images, there is no expiration to this offer. We ask our customers to submit photos at their convenience when the project is totally complete. Sending picture files is not a guarantee that a rebate will be fulfilled; pictures must be approved for use before Inline Design pays out the rebate credit.


  • After installation and before taking the pictures, the stainless steel must be clean and polished with a stainless steel cleaner
  • The space must be clean and finished
  • No visible construction tools/hardware or objects that distract from the product
  • 8+ pictures per $10,000 increment
  • The selection of photos must include:
    • Zoomed in photos
    • Photos to show variety of products from the order invoice
    • The stainless steel product will be totally in focus - blurry images in low light are not accepted
    • Original photo files, minimum size 2048 pixels in width
    • 4 pictures need to be in Landscape mode (width is bigger than the height)

Ideal Format:

  • Photos shot with a digital DSL camera
  • HDR or raw image files

Exemplary Albums:

When the rebate pictures are ready, please send an email to rebate@inlinedesign.us with the corresponding order number and we will send you back a dropbox link in order to upload the photos.

Then What?

Inline Design reserves the right to refuse this rebate offer when submitted photos do not meet all requirements as listed and the photos do not meet or exceed the quality of photos in our client gallery. This offer is conditional as an exchange for marketing purposes and is not guaranteed if photos do not meet the needs/expectations for publication to media platforms. The Inline Design marketing team will review your photos and eligibility usually within 1-2 business days. It is not uncommon to have several iterations to achieve the desired images.

The rebate will be processed in a timely manner when agreed upon by both parties and following completion of the photo release form. Upon approval, you will need to sign a photo release form giving Inline Design the right to use and publish the images.


The rebate applies on the main order/invoice. Subsequent invoices/orders if any don’t combine with the main order, they are treated separately.

The subtotal excluding any shipping/Tax charges and including all discounts should be over $500. In order to receive the rebate the photos must match the exact above requirements.

i.e. $12,345 order containing posts and wall mounted handrail requires 16 photos of the full system, posts, and wall brackets. Photos are clear, bright and there are no stray objects in the photo