Lowest Price Guarantee

To qualify for the 100% guarantee, the total order should at least consist of posts and their corresponding hardware of either Glass Clamps or Cable Tensioners. Partial orders do not qualify for this guarantee. The comparison is total price to total price not to individual items. The competitor website should contain fairly similar items and material composition. For example if the compared items are made of galvanized steel the guarantee doesn't apply. Another example is the grade of Stainless Steel should be the same. We only carry the high quality Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel of Gauge 10 (3.6mm) thickness; please take into account those two specifications when comparing prices.

You can place your order then send us an email to sales@inlinedesign.us or use the contact form below with the competitor's website and the order details. We will apply the discount before shipping and tax. The guarantee should be claimed within 5 days after the order date in order to qualify.

Shop with confidence!