Tip Sheet - How it Works, 4 easy steps

How it works;

In 4 easy steps It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4 and you can have a complete ready to install glass, bar or cable railing system.

1) Contact

Contact our office with the specifics of your project no matter how big or small. We can assist you in defining your project with our RFQ form or can work from drawing packages in AutoCAD, SketchUp or simple hand drawings

2) Proposal

Once we have the definition our estimating team will create a simple post plan and parts list. You will receive images from our gallery along with the proposal to review. We consider this a starting point to aid in the conversation to develop and define the system you are looking for.

3) Approval

Once the railing system aliens to the project, we forward the proposal to the engineering team who creates detailed manufacturing, shop, and job site plans. If any special designs are required, they will forward a drawing to you for approval.

4) Fulfillment

Once approved our fabrication, warehouse and shipping teams go to work. They will collect all the parts, fabricate, check for completeness and quality before packaging for shipping. Someone from our support team will be contacting you of status and verifying shipping address. You are than sent a tracking number.

Have Reassurance

Based in Seattle Washington we ship across the USA and Canada and are expanding to Mexico. With only 5%–7% of our business local to the Seattle area our customer support and engineering team are skilled at being able to answer all questions about our products and their application. With technology like Facetime, Zoom, or video conferencing we can walk through the job site to assist with the design phase or installation, take part in design/build meetings or troubleshoot unique issues that might arise on the job site. We have guided DYI’ers as well as experienced construction professionals through the process.