Deck Railing – Options and Designs to Choose From

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A deck is a staple in every American home. If not breathtaking and captivating to the eyes, you want it to be presentable, especially for passersby. One way of keeping your deck safe and pleasing to the eyes is by installing deck railing. 

Depending on the type of railing, you can turn your deck into something polished and outstanding. InlineDesign will help transform your deck into a masterpiece.

Before you go ahead and choose a deck railing, you need to know the different deck railing ideas. This will enable you to come up with informed choices and decisions. will show you various deck railing ideas. They will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your choice of deck railing systems matches your taste, preferences, needs, and budget.

Choosing deck railing systems – what to consider?

When it comes to choosing deck railing systems, there are important things you have to consider, such as:

  • Type of materials
  • Design deck railing ideas
  • Safety
  • Installation process

What are the available options for deck railing materials?

There are different materials used for deck railing systems. Some of the commonly used materials include the following:

  • Wood 

It is a traditional choice for deck railing systems. It is a perfect choice for those who prefer cable deck railing DIY. The wood material is used as a post, and one of the reasons it is one of the popular choices is because it can be crafted easily. Although, it does require a lot of maintenance.

  • Composite

Deck railing parts made from composite materials are a mixture of plastic and wooden sawdust. The beauty of this material is it can endure extreme weather conditions and requires no maintenance. On the other side, once it is broken, there's nothing you can do to repair it.

  • Glass

The glass railing systems are known for their style and elegance. For deck railing systems made from glass, the ones used are tempered glass to provide optimum safety and security.

  • Metal

There are various types of metals used for deck railing systems. They are mainly used for deck railing brackets. 

Examples are steel, wrought iron, and aluminum, to name a few. What makes metal appealing, especially for DIY deck railing, is flexible and can be used for any shapes and styles. Not to mention, metals require little maintenance.

  • Cables


These are one of the favorites for deck railing systems primary because it is durable and flexible. It suits any type of deck and requires little to no maintenance. For practicality and aesthetic purpose, cable materials such as stainless steel cable deck railing are one of the best options. InlineDesign is one of the industry's experts when it comes to cable wire deck railing

Deck railing ideas for your next home improvement project

When planning to install deck railing systems, it is important to consider the design and overall aesthetic. Deck railing ideas are vast, and without thorough planning, you could easily get lost in designs along the way. InlineDesign is one of the premier companies providing top-notch deck railing systems. They work hand in hand with you to ensure that designs and materials blend naturally to achieve overall functionality without compromising aesthetic and maintenance requirements.

Some of the deck railing ideas include the following:

  • Minimalist 

You can keep the deck railing design minimalist, especially when working with a tight space. You can use slim deck railing brackets, something that will not take up a huge space.

Such deck railing ideas suit modern homes. The ideal deck railing kits are full metal or a combination of wood and metal. It works well with horizontal deck railing ideas.

  •  Decorated

Deck railing ideas that include both luxury and minimalism. It is packed with decorative elements to take the design details to new heights.

However, when going with a decorated theme deck railing ideas, make sure you incorporate all pieces well. ensures that all pieces work well, from installing deck railing posts, preparation of deck railing kits, and selecting the most appropriate deck railing systems.

  • Baroque

If you want to go for a luxurious theme, baroque makes perfect deck railing ideas. However, it requires experience to bring together this kind of design. There are different types of materials and systems to use. These include glass deck railing systemsstainless steel cable deck railing, and cable wire deck railing, to name a few.

  • Wavy

It helps create a flowy effect, which is perfect for decks that look plain and boring. When doing DIY deck railing, wavy deck railing ideas are a good thing, but they require skills and experience to execute the design properly.

  • Caps

Another great way of making your deck appear clean-looking and professionally designed is by installing caps. Caps are usually included in deck railing ideas.

Caps don't just add aesthetic value but also improve the deck's functionality. Y ou can use them to put ornaments like plants or put drinks during a party. Below are some of the deck railing ideas using caps:

  • Round caps – when installing deck railing brackets, you can incorporate round caps for a smooth finish.
  • Funnel caps – When installing deck railing posts, you can also install funnel caps to add style and elegance to the posts.
  • Lights – Another deck railing ideas, particularly design-wise it the installation of lights. You can use it to replace caps for a smooth, ergonomic, and sophisticated finish.
  • Flat caps – To make the posts appear simple and complete, you can install flat caps. They are easy to install as you can tap them down when installing deck railing posts.

Deck railing ideas – The installation process

When it comes to installing deck railing posts and the entire deck railing systems, the degree of installation should be considered. Can it be done as a cable deck railing DIY project? Does it need professional installation?

For outdoor deck railing, the installation process is simple. If you are the DIY type, you can easily start a cable deck railing DIY project. Basically, you will be working with the standard measuring scheme, fitting, screwing, and securing.

However, if the design is too complicated, it is best to hire the service of professionals such as They know how to work with different deck railing materials, posts, and deck railing brackets. They can most have all got the job done in a quick, efficient, and timely manner.


Which deck railing ideas are the best? 

It is quite difficult to distinguish which deck railing ideas or let alone deck railing systems are the best as the choice. This will depend on your taste, needs, budget, and personal preferences.

There are different types of railing materials to choose from. Each will have pros and cons. Design-wise and functionality, not a single material can be used solely for a deck railing. Deck railings consist of different parts such as deck railing brackets, posts, and other fixtures.

It is important to understand the nature of different types of deck railing systems. This includes the different types of materials, so you'll be able to come up with choices that suit your wants, needs, and budget. If you look at the most common deck railing materials, your options would be metal, cable, wood, and glass. 

Glass deck railing systems are common, especially for decks that want to achieve a modern and sophisticated look. A glass deck railing is somewhat expensive, but the functions and style make up for the price as it will not rust or rot. However, you have to make sure you use high-quality glass material such as tempered glass. It costs more but stronger than regular glass.

Another excellent material that would complete your deck railing systems is aluminum. It is extremely durable and can certainly last for the years to come. Another advantage of aluminum deck railing systems is that it does not require a lot of maintenance work.

Next to aluminum is the Stainless steel for cable deck railing. It is one of the preferred materials of deck railing systems because it is sturdy and flexible. Cables are used together with other materials such as Stainless steel for posts and brackets.

Just like aluminum, Stainless steel does not rust or corrode. You can also initiate a cable deck railing DIY project as such a material is easy to work with. InlineDesign is an expert in all types of deck railing systems, especially cable wire deck railing.  

Last but not least is wood which is commonly used in horizontal deck railing ideas. It is perfect for decks that want to achieve a classic look.

For horizontal deck railing made from wood materials, make sure pay attention to your choice of wood. The correct choice should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially for outdoor deck railing. InlineDesign will walk you through the best available materials for deck railing systems.

Benefits of installing deck railing systems

  • Safety

One of the reasons why deck railing ideas become popular is for safety purposes. The choice of deck railing brackets is based on the safety components. Cable deck railing and other materials like glass, wood, and metal are all excellent in preventing you from falling off the deck.

The design deck railing ideas are in line with the building codes to ensure that the safety standards are met. InlineDesign guarantees that safety and compliance to building codes are both met when installing deck railing posts and the entire deck railing systems.

  • Aesthetic

Depending on the deck railing ideas you followed, you can significantly improve your deck and home's aesthetic feel and ambiance as a whole. To ensure that the railing suits the overall theme of your home, deck railing kits are meticulously designed. These details include the railing brackets, deck railing parts, and proper technique for installing deck railing posts. These things work hand in hand to ensure that all pieces of the deck railing systems are in harmony.

  • Compliance with building codes

If your house has a deck, it is a must installing deck railing posts and deck railing brackets to meet the building code requirements. However, you have to keep in mind that every city or state has unique building codes. Hence, you have to know these things beforehand so you can install the right cable railing systems, especially for DIY deck railing.

The building code requirement is one of the reasons why many homeowners ditch the idea of DIY deck railing. They would rather hire the service of deck railing specialists as these people don't only know the right materials to use but know the building code requirements. It does not matter what type of materials it would be – horizontal deck railingstainless steel cable deck railingmetal deck railing, or glass deck railing systems.

Rest assured that no matter what material it would be, it will be handled professionally by InlineDesign. They are one of the trusted names when it comes to all your deck railing needs. they assist in choosing the correct deck railing material, crafting the design, and guide you through the installation process. They work well with any kind of materials such as glass, metal, wood, and cables, to name a few.

Deck railing installation – What are the things to think about? 

When installing deck railing, there are a few important things to think about, such as the following:

  • Materials

When installing deck railing posts, various types of materials can be used. These include such as metal deck railingstainless steel cable deck railingcable wire deck railingglass deck railing, and wood materials. The list goes on.

However, for the post alone, the best options are aluminum, stainless steel, and wood. Materials like glass, cable, and stainless steel bars are used for infill. The best options are glass deck railingwire deck railing, and cable deck railing for an unobstructed view.

  • Location

Some people working on a cable deck railing DIY project forget to consider this. It is crucial mistake as location can greatly affect your choice of deck railing materials. You cannot just easily install deck railing systems without knowing the construction codes as such varies from one location to another. Failure to comply with the construction code will put you in a situation where you could be held liable as per the county laws.

Aside from knowing the particular construction code for cable deck railing, your location will also help determine the type of railing materials. For instance, if you are living near salty water, you need to choose materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Something that can resist saltwater, salty air, and a humid environment.

  • Maintenance

Deck railing brackets, posts, and infills must be regularly cleaned to keep them in excellent condition. This will serve their functions for the years to come.

However, you have to be aware that every material requires distinct care and maintenance. Go for materials that easy to kept and maintain, such as stainless steel deck railing and cable wire deck railing. On the other hand, glass deck railing and wood materials require a lot of maintenance.

  • Use and exposure

How the deck railing will be used? Is it going to be used in areas with high traffic? If yes, you have to choose metal deck railingstainless steel deck railing, and wire deck railing, something resistant to dings, nicks, and scratches.

  • Sightlines

Choose materials, especially deck railing brackets, posts, and infills that provide open sightlines. Ideal ones would be glass deck railing and cable wire deck railing as they create rails without obstructing the views.

For more information about the different types of railings for your deck, do not hesitate to contact Inline Design by visiting It is one of the premier companies when it comes to deck railing systems and deck railing ideas. It has been in the industry for quite some time now and has already established an excellent reputation.

They know what types of railing materials to use for a particular location, construction code, and budget. Most of all, they know how to work well with different railing materials.

They can come up with exceptional deck railing designs without compromising functions and budget. They have robust deck railing kits. Their experience in deck railing systems makes them one of the go-to-person, especially for professional-looking deck railing ideas.