Stainless Steel Cable Railing System Perfectly Complements a Marine Home in Maine

Jeffrey's project showcases the benefits of using stainless steel cable railing systems in marine and beachfront locations. With the help of Inline Design, he was able to create a sleek and elegant outdoor deck using 316 stainless steel that provides superior protection against corrosion.

Located on Frye Island in Maine, Jeffrey's deck is surrounded by scenic lakes and needed a railing system that could withstand the marine environment. The stainless steel cable railing not only added to the aesthetic appeal of the deck but also served as a safety barrier, marking the boundaries of the deck and preventing potential flooding. The thin stainless steel wire ropes used as infills for the railing system provided unobstructed views of the surrounding location, adding to the serene and organic ambiance of the space.

To complete the railing system, Jeffrey used round-end posts, mid-posts, and round top rails. The stairway leading up to the entrance also used angled top rails and wire ropes on one side, with round-end posts fascia-mounted on the side of the stairway. For a seamless transition, the top rail of the stairway connects to the rest of the railing system on the deck via a stainless steel angled tube.

To ensure the durability of the stainless steel cable railing system, Jeffrey was advised to apply a passivation solution to the surface of the system. This step reinforces the material, making it highly resilient against scratches, pitting, and corrosion. Depending on the environment, a single coating can last up to three years, with harsher weather requiring the solution to be applied every six months to a year.

Overall, Jeffrey's project demonstrates the benefits of using high-quality stainless steel cable railing systems in marine and beachfront locations. The combination of sleek and durable materials adds to the beauty of the space while ensuring safety and longevity.

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