Beauty Meets Functionality with Bar Railing

Bar railings made of stainless steel are excellent additions to stairways and extended hallways in both residential and commercial spaces. Apart from providing safety and guidance, these railings offer a durable and versatile design that can be integrated with various materials such as wood, concrete, and brick.

Tina, a satisfied customer of Inline Design, recently completed a home project that beautifully showcased the functional and aesthetic qualities of stainless steel bar railings. Using the Seattle Bar System from Inline Design, Tina installed bar railings on multiple flights of stairs leading to the top floor. These railings seamlessly transitioned into safety boundaries along a narrow hallway. With minimal decor in the residential space, the sleek features of the stainless steel bar railing perfectly complemented the earthy tones of the surroundings.

Stainless steel bar end posts were strategically installed at the base of each stair section, providing a solid foundation. For extended sections of the stairs, additional mid posts were added for extra support. Corner posts, featuring a ridged spiral-like flow due to the stairway's design, were installed at every turn. All posts were equipped with base covers to protect the components and enhance the overall sturdiness of the railing assembly. The infills of the bar railing consisted of angled stainless steel bars, with seven horizontal bars per section. Square bar holders were used along lengthy sections of the railing. Finally, stainless steel square top rails with end caps were installed, supported by the end and corner posts.

The transparent spacing between the square-bar infills creates an open and airy atmosphere in this section of the home. Along the hallway, a total of nine horizontal bars were applied to the bar railings, while the railings transitioning from the stairway to the top floor featured seven horizontal bars. To maintain design continuity, the same stainless steel square-bar top rails used on the stairs were installed on the top floor. The top rails were securely mounted to the wall and protected by base covers.

Tina's home project was a resounding success, highlighting the versatility and appeal of stainless steel bar railings. Beyond residential spaces, these railings can also be installed in commercial buildings, offices, lobbies, outdoor balconies and decks, public locations, and more. Inline Design offers a wide range of stainless steel railing assemblies to suit various indoor and outdoor spaces. Explore the company's client projects for inspiration and to witness successful installations.

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