Showcasing the Use of Natural Materials With Glass and Bar Railings

You can incorporate railings with an array of designs, materials, and assemblies. A typical combination is wood, glass, and stainless steel for modern residential homes. Railing systems that utilize such materials, including a project completed by Inline Design customer Milosh, contribute to a comfortable living space using natural, organic components (wood). Moreover, glass secured with metallic clamps can make rooms appear open and large, emphasizing its transparent features.

Milosh’s project showcases several levels of versatility associated with stainless steel railing systems, as well as Inline Design’s high-quality custom railing services. The railing assembly called for a custom design, as the customer already provided some parts. Notably, he separately obtained wood railings and top posts for the project. The selected wood matches the materials used for the stairway and flooring. This subtle style facility smooth, visual transitions that are very appealing for homes (mainly when low color temperature lighting is applied in the space).

Item ListProducts used:

    Due to third-party components (i.e., wood railings), the project had particular requirements. Inline Design provided CAD drawings at the early stages of the service.

    The stairway was designed with a single (right) turn roughly seven steps from the top. This part of the project called for wood guard rails supported by stainless steel wall brackets on one side of the wall. At the bottom section, a total of eight metallic rods on each side served as safety barriers, guiding individuals safely up and down the stairs. He mounted the stainless steel posts and rods on the wall. He also installed wood railings at the top of the posts and rods.

    At the top of the stairs and along the walkway border, thick glass secured via four clamps per panel served as safety barriers. The glass clamps were mounted directly on the wall. Lengthy sections made use of center stainless steel posts, which support four clamps and two glass panels. Wood railings were installed at the top of the glass panels, protecting them from light impacts.

    As Milosh’s custom railing project highlighted, stainless steel cable railings are not limited to commercial buildings and industrial locations. When used in homes, the proper selection of materials can promote comfort without sacrificing the aesthetic properties of the space. Inline Design’s custom services also played an essential role in Milosh’s home project, ensuring accurate installation, safety, and compliance with applicable building codes.