Redmond, WA

In the serene city of Redmond, WA, a homeowner named Chris desired to upgrade his deck. His search led him to Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing with a round handrail on top.

Attracted by the sleek, contemporary design, Chris contacted Inline Design. The team’s expert guidance steered him towards the side-mounted system, an ideal choice for his deck offering durability and aesthetic appeal.

Upon receiving the product, Chris was impressed by the quality and design. Installation was straightforward, and the transformation was spectacular. The side-mounted round cable railing added a modern touch to his deck, offering a secure boundary without compromising the space.

The railing system kept the openness of his deck while adding a sleek, modern feel. Friends and family applauded the transformation, appreciating the perfect blend of modern design and functionality.

Choosing Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing was more than just a renovation choice for Chris; it was a design statement, setting a new standard in Redmond. His deck became a showcase of modern, stylish design.