Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

In the quaint neighborhood of Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, a homeowner named James was looking for a modern upgrade for his deck. His discovery of Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing was the perfect solution.

Drawn to its sleek and contemporary style, James reached out to Inline Design. Their knowledgeable team guided him towards the side-mounted system, an ideal fit for his deck, promising both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Upon receiving the product, James was impressed with its quality and design. Installation was a breeze, and the transformation was stunning. The side-mounted round cable railing added a modern touch to his deck without compromising space, providing a safe barrier while enhancing the view.

Friends and family admired the deck's transformation, appreciating the perfect blend of modern design and functionality. James' decision to choose Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing not only elevated his deck but also set a new design trend in the Queen Anne neighborhood. It showcased how style and safety can seamlessly blend, thanks to the quality and design ingenuity Inline Design offers.