Iain uses Press & Latch Cable Railing on His Stair Railing in FL

When envisioning your dream home, what comes to mind? The size, the type of flooring, or perhaps the stunning view? For Iain in Florida, it was the dark, rich floors contrasting against creamy walls with select pieces of metallic art to showcase the light. However, he faced an unexpected challenge in finding the perfect railing for his vision. That is, until he discovered our selection of railing systems.

Iain was drawn to the clean and modern look of the Press and Latch cable railing in square profile, as it complemented the art he had selected for the stairwell. Though initially concerned about the logistics of working with a company based in Washington, his worries were quickly alleviated when he sent in his pictures and specifications. Our team collaborated with Iain to make his vision a reality, creating CAD drawings and ensuring every detail was up to his standards.

After some customization, we shipped off Iain's order with a nifty side-mounted first post and elegant modern polish, which he felt were crucial in completing his vision. He was impressed with the ease of installation and the care he received from our team at Inline Design. With our guidance, Iain was able to seamlessly integrate our railing system into his stunning home and bring his dream to life.

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