Portland, OR

When Jane purchased her modern home in Portland, OR, she knew she wanted to make some updates to give it a fresh and contemporary look. One of the areas she wanted to focus on was the staircase, which had a dated handrail that didn't match the modern style of the rest of the house.

After researching several options, Jane came across our modern stainless steel handrail brackets. She was immediately drawn to the sleek and minimalist design, and the fact that they were made of durable stainless steel gave her confidence that they would last for years to come.

When the handrail brackets were installed, Jane was thrilled with the results. The brackets perfectly complemented the modern design of her home and gave her staircase a fresh and contemporary look. The brackets' sturdy construction provided the necessary support for the handrail, making it safe and secure for her family and guests.

Jane was also impressed with the quality of the handrail brackets. The stainless steel material meant that they were easy to clean and required minimal maintenance, which was a huge plus for her busy lifestyle.

The best part about the modern stainless steel handrail brackets was that they were versatile enough to be used in other areas of the house. Jane ended up installing them in several locations, including her outdoor deck, and they looked great in every setting.

Overall, Jane was extremely satisfied with her purchase from us. The modern stainless steel handrail brackets gave her home a fresh and contemporary look, while providing the necessary safety and security for her family and guests. If you're looking to update the look of your home with a modern and stylish touch, our stainless steel handrail brackets are an excellent choice.

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