Pittsburgh, PA

In the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, a homeowner named Alex wanted to modernize his traditional staircase. His solution came in the form of Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing.

Drawn to its sleek design, Alex contacted the Inline Design team. Their exceptional customer service and expertise convinced him of the product's fit for his home, particularly the floor-mounted system that promised both durability and style.

Installation was straightforward, and Alex was thrilled with the transformation. The round cable railing added a modern touch to his stairs without encroaching on the space, seamlessly blending with his traditional house.

The makeover became a talking point among Alex's friends and family, transforming his stairs into a stylish and functional feature. Opting for Inline Design's stainless steel round cable railing was more than a home improvement decision for Alex; it became a design statement, setting a new standard in his Pittsburgh neighborhood.