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New Haven, CT

In the bustling city of New Haven, Connecticut, there was a homeowner named Edgar with an eye for detail and a passion for bringing the look of his home together. Edgar's house was a beautiful blend of modern design with rustic elements, a unique mix that exuded warmth and sophistication. However, Edgar was facing a challenge with his interior stairs and the balcony overlooking them. He wanted a railing system that would not only be safe but also harmonize with the rest of his home.

This challenge led Edgar to Inline Design, and he was captivated by our range of cable railings with square posts. He could see the modern simplicity of the design would beautifully offset the rustic warmth of his home. There was one additional detail that Edgar had in mind - he wanted to incorporate a wooden top rail that matched his floor color.

With Inline Design's flexibility, Edgar was able to purchase the cable railing square posts and provide his own custom wood top rail. This option allowed him to seamlessly blend the railing with the existing decor, creating a consistent aesthetic throughout his home.

Once his order arrived, Edgar set to work installing his new railing. The process was smooth, and the result was even better than he had imagined. The sleek stainless steel posts of the cable railing system contrasted beautifully with his custom wood top rail, and the open design of the cables maintained the spacious feeling of his interior.

Now, every time Edgar ascends his stairs or takes in the view from his balcony, he's greeted with a railing system that is not only functional but also perfectly aligned with his home's style. This success story serves as a testament to Inline Design's commitment to providing versatile solutions that empower our customers to express their unique design vision.