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Menchie's, Olympia, WA

Once upon a time in the picturesque city of Olympia, WA, there was a lively and bustling Menchie's Frozen Yogurt store owned by Mark. A man with a discerning taste and a keen eye for aesthetics, Mark strived to provide his customers not only with the best frozen yogurt but also an exceptional environment where they could enjoy their treats.

One sunny afternoon, as he watched families enjoy their frozen yogurt on the colorful but quite conventional outdoor seating, an idea struck him - he could elevate his customers' experiences by revamping the outdoor area. The vision of a stylish, sleek, and modern outdoor seating area began to form in his mind.

As Mark researched his options, he stumbled upon Inline Design's stunning Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing. He immediately knew he had found the perfect match. This wasn't just a railing; it was an upgrade to his store's overall aesthetic, a step towards the modern, sleek look he envisioned.

After a seamless ordering process and installation, Mark watched as his outdoor area transformed into an elegant, modern space. The Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing provided an unobstructed view of Olympia's beauty, adding a sophisticated touch while maintaining an open and airy feel. It wasn't just a safety barrier; it was a feature that highlighted the very essence of Menchie's - fun, family-friendly, and forward-thinking.

Word began to spread throughout Olympia about the transformation at Menchie's. Customers were intrigued and flocked to see the new outdoor seating area. The enhanced ambiance paired with delicious frozen yogurt was a winning combination. Mark's store was the talk of the town!

Mark’s decision to choose Inline Design didn’t just elevate his store's aesthetic; it significantly increased footfall, boosted sales, and most importantly, made his customers' experiences more enjoyable.

This success story could be yours too. At Inline Design, we provide more than just railings; we offer an opportunity to transform your space, just like we did for Mark's Menchie's store. Our Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing is more than a safety feature; it's a statement of style, a commitment to quality, and a path to increased customer satisfaction. Join Mark and many others who have taken their business to new heights with Inline Design.