Laguna Beach, CA

In the charming town of Laguna Beach, California, a homeowner named Samuel needed a railing for his balcony. His house, with an 18-inch raised half-wall, required a system to meet the 42-inch safety standard without obstructing his stunning ocean view.

Samuel discovered Inline Design's square glass railing systems. These sleek, modern railings provided safety without compromising the aesthetics of his house. They offered the perfect solution – a 24-inch system that would seamlessly fit on top of his existing half-wall.

He promptly ordered the system, and the installation process was swift and efficient. The result was a minimalist, contemporary railing that blended with his home's modern look, and most importantly, offered an unbroken view of the horizon.

Inline Design's square glass railing system was the ideal solution for Samuel's balcony, balancing safety with aesthetic appeal. This success story reinforces our commitment to providing versatile and attractive solutions for unique customer needs.

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