Jackson, MS

In the lively city of Jackson, MS, the owner of a commercial gym, Jerry, sought a modern touch to enhance his establishment. His ideal solution came from Inline Design's round glass railing.

Attracted by its sleek design, Jerry reached out to Inline Design. Their dedicated team suggested the round glass railing, a stylish and durable solution that would elevate his gym's aesthetics while ensuring safety for the clients.

Upon receiving the product, Jerry was impressed with its quality and style. The installation was straightforward, and the transformation was striking. The round glass railing added a modern touch, providing a clear view across the gym and creating a sense of openness.

Gym members admired the blend of modern design and functionality. Jerry's choice to opt for Inline Design's round glass railing was not just a renovation choice; it was a design statement that resonated throughout Jackson. His gym became a testament to the power of modern design, enhancing the workout experience and setting a new trend in commercial gym aesthetics.