Green Lake, Seattle, WA

In the heart of Green Lake, Seattle, esteemed builder Mark embarked on a quest for the perfect railing solution for his latest project. His criteria were precise: high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and fitting seamlessly within his design vision. He found his solution with Inline Design's Square Glass Railing system, coupled with a matching Square Handrail for the stairs.

Mark was drawn to the Square Glass Railing system for its sleek, modern lines and the way it allowed unobstructed views, making it the perfect choice for both form and function. Additionally, the matching Square Handrail on the stairs continued the unified aesthetic, further enhancing the visual appeal of his project.

Inline Design's commitment to quality and design innovation perfectly aligned with Mark's vision. The successful implementation of the Square Glass Railing and Handrail system transformed the space, bringing Mark's vision to life. Today, his project stands as a testament to the beauty of combining excellent design with high-quality products.

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