Grass Lawn Park, Redmond, WA

In the scenic Grass Lawn Park area of Redmond, WA, experienced builder Brent sought the perfect railing system for a new project. He desired a solution that matched his vision of modern elegance, and he found it in Inline Design's Round Glass Railing coupled with a matching Round Handrail for the stairs.

Brent admired the Round Glass Railing system for its sleek curves and transparency, providing unobstructed views, crucial for his open-concept design. The matching Round Handrail system on the stairs mirrored this aesthetic, creating a harmonious and stylish look throughout the property.

The integration of Inline Design's Round Glass Railing and Handrail system transformed Brent's project, highlighting his dedication to quality and design innovation. Now, his project in Grass Lawn Park stands as a stunning example of how beautiful design and superior products can create an exceptional living space.

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