Fort Myers, FL

In the sun-soaked city of Fort Myers, FL, a homeowner named Richard sought a modern upgrade for his interior stairs and balcony. His perfect match was Inline Design's square glass railing with a round top rail, all in stainless steel.

Drawn to the sleek design, Richard reached out to Inline Design. Their knowledgeable team confirmed that the system would provide a chic, modern touch to his stairs and balcony while maintaining the openness of the space.

Upon receiving the product, Richard was impressed with its quality and style. The installation process was seamless, and the transformation was dramatic. The square glass railing, complemented by the stainless steel round top rail, added a modern touch to his stairs and opened up his balcony, creating a visually expansive space.

Friends and family were impressed with the transformation, noting the perfect balance of modern design and functionality. Richard's decision to opt for Inline Design's railing was not just a renovation choice; it was a design statement that echoed throughout Fort Myers. His house became a testament to the power of modern, stylish design.

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