Embracing the Sun: Julian's Perfect Deck Upgrade in Washington

Living in the Pacific Northwest means cherishing sunny days whenever they appear. Julian, a proud homeowner of a stucco Seattle house, yearned to enjoy his east-facing deck without the hindrance of an obstructive railing. After an extensive search, he discovered InLine Design's Arcadia Cable Railing System—the solution he had been seeking.

Eager to bring more light into his room and create an unobstructed view, Julian reached out to InLine Design for a quote. With specifications in hand, the project quickly took shape.

To ensure the utmost sturdiness for his excitable dog, Julian enlisted the help of a private contractor to reinforce the wall with steel plating before the installation began. Once the preparations were completed, installing the Arcadia Railing System was a breeze. InLine Design expertly welded and refinished the top rail in less than two days, leaving Julian with a smile on his face.

The following morning, Julian stepped onto his deck, accompanied by his faithful furry friend, basking in the warmth of the morning sun. With the Arcadia Cable Railing System in place, he could finally savor the beauty of his outdoor space to the fullest. Rainy days in Washington were no longer a concern for Julian at Julians!