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DIY Deck Railing

Bob, a Forest Policy Professor, and his wife, a Desktop Publishing Company owner, decided to embark on a DIY deck railing project for their enchanting forest-facing home in upstate New York. Despite their limited construction experience, they approached the task with a determined attitude.

Before reaching out to us, Bob had meticulously researched and knew what he wanted. He used Inline Design's quote request form, a crucial tool for defining project specifications and a great starting point whether working independently or with a contractor.

Their home, nestled in a forest glen, needed a transparent railing for their 2nd story deck that wouldn't obstruct the stunning natural views. They selected the Press and Latch Cable Railing System, complemented with side-mounted round corner posts, fascia middle posts, end post tensioner, and closed-end caps. To facilitate the DIY installation, they also ordered a drill kit and received our comprehensive set of DIY instructions, guides, links, and installation videos.

Aware of outdoor corrosion concerns, Bob was reassured by Inline Design's use of marine-grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel in its systems, known for its superior resistance to pitting, corrosion, and temperature - ideal for any setting, including beachfront properties. To maintain the system's integrity, we recommended a passivation solution be applied immediately post-installation and semi-annually, depending on climate and conditions.

Upon returning from a fishing vacation, Bob shared photos of their successful installation and commended the ease of the process.

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