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Detroit, MI

Meet Thomas, a respected architect from Detroit, Michigan. Living in a modern-style house with a gorgeous open stairwell, a balcony, and dark wood flooring, he was in search of a railing solution that would fuse safety and style.

Thomas approached Inline Design with a specific request for a stainless steel glass railing, intending to top it off with his own custom wooden rail. Our team immediately grasped his vision. The proposed railing would allow light to flow freely, creating a spacious feel while blending seamlessly with the contemporary style of his home.

With a transparent quote that Thomas found both affordable and valuable, the deal was sealed. The blend of the steel glass railing with his custom wooden rail created a striking balance between modern and traditional aesthetics, enhancing the beauty of his interior space.

The railing system not only ensured safety for the staircase and balcony but also added a distinctive elegance to his home. Thomas's experience is a testament to Inline Design’s commitment to high-quality, visually pleasing, and safe railing solutions, customizing offerings to match our customers' unique styles and requirements.

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