Commercial Glass Railing on the Lonestar Building in WA

The owners of the Lonestar Building in Washington knew exactly who to turn to when they needed a new railing: Inline Design.

Having heard rave reviews about Inline Design's safety, affordability, and quality in cable and glass railings, the Lonestar team was intrigued. They were immediately captivated by the elegance and security of the Arcadia system upon visiting Inline Design's website. However, they also knew that projects like these often come with unexpected expenses and challenges.

Determined to learn more, the team leader reached out to Inline Design's railing professionals at 425-405-5505. To his delight, he found that their team was not only knowledgeable and friendly but also attentive to their specific needs. Inline Design listened to their requirements and even offered customized solutions to accommodate the building's unique characteristics.

Once the Arcadia Glass Railing System was identified as the perfect fit for the Lonestar Building, Inline Design sprang into action. Their CAD team meticulously created a model of the building's stairway, while the Lonestar team gathered information from City Hall to ensure compliance with height regulations. They settled on a fascia-mounted railing at 42" height and a handrail on the side at 36" height on the stairs, adhering to the local commercial building code. The CAD team provided a visual representation of how the railing would look once installed, solidifying the team leader's confidence in their decision.

With everything in place, the Lonestar team eagerly awaited the arrival of the Arcadia system. Inline Design kept them informed throughout the delivery process, providing updates whenever necessary.

When the railing system arrived, installation was a breeze. With the assistance of a skilled welder and a team of professional glass-setters, the Lonestar team efficiently worked together to complete the project. To their surprise, the job progressed much faster and smoother than anticipated, and Inline Design's support was just a phone call away whenever questions arose.

Stepping back to admire their accomplishment, the team was astounded by how seamlessly they had gone from planning what could have been a complex endeavor to witnessing the finished railing before them. They were proud of a job well done.

Today, visitors to the Lonestar Building often comment on the striking beauty of their Inline Design Arcadia railing. The exterior of the building is enhanced by the clean and attractive design of the railing. When colleagues inquire about where to turn for their own railing needs, the Lonestar team confidently points them in the direction of Inline Design.