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Cleveland, OH

Meet Bob, a proud homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio, who had always dreamed of the perfect oasis for relaxation and entertainment right in his backyard. His vision included a spacious deck overlooking his sparkling pool, but it had to be more than just functional. It had to be beautiful and safe, and it needed to harmonize with the aesthetic of his home.

Bob’s dream began taking shape when he decided to build his deck. The deck itself was magnificent, boasting a prime view of his inviting pool. However, Bob knew he needed a safety barrier to protect his family and guests. Still, he didn’t want just any railing system - it had to be something that elevated the elegance of his deck without compromising the view of his pool.

Enter Inline Design's Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing, which turned out to be the perfect solution. Bob reached out to our team, sharing his vision and specific needs. Our sales team listened attentively, guiding him through our expansive selection of products and services.

Upon learning about Bob's requirements, the team quickly identified our stainless steel round cable railing as the ideal fit. Not only did it promise the safety Bob sought, but its sleek design also offered the aesthetic appeal he desired. The cable railings allowed an unobstructed view of his pool, creating an open, seamless flow from the deck to the pool.

Bob was impressed with the features our railings offered. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the railings promised durability and resistance to weather conditions, vital for Cleveland's varied climate. Plus, the ease of installation was a bonus.

Our transparent pricing model allowed Bob to anticipate the costs accurately. The product was not just a sensible choice but also an affordable one. After a smooth transaction, the railing was on its way to Bob's home.

Once installed, the stainless steel round cable railing beautifully framed his deck, striking the perfect balance between safety, aesthetic appeal, and unimpeded views of his pool. Bob was thrilled with his choice, stating that it exceeded his expectations and added a touch of sophistication to his home.

Bob's story is a testament to Inline Design’s commitment to providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and safe railing solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs. We take pride in turning our customer's visions into reality while ensuring they receive value for their investment.