Cable Stair Railing for Katie in MT

We were thrilled when Katie, a repeat customer from Montana, approached us for a new project. She sought a complete cable railing package to accentuate a carpeted in-home staircase. Based on her detailed measurements, we promptly drafted a perfect setup and issued a quote on the same day.

Katie required an 87″ upward-angled railing with a 90-degree turn, leading to a 44.5″ flat run. The system was to be mounted into low-rise white stair molding, harmonizing with slate-gray walls and brown carpeting. She also requested custom modifications. We suggested our Press and Latch Cable Railing System, known for its elegance, simplicity, durability, safety, and its tool-free, time-saving installation.

Our engineering team eagerly attended to Katie's custom needs for Round Stair Posts and Handrail Brackets. After creating several drawings, we received confirmation and began the modifications. The railings, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, provide a safe and easily maintained barrier. They boast a robust Satin 316 Stainless Steel finish, reinforced with molybdenum.

Katie took advantage of our free shipping rebate and shared photos of her fantastic new setup. This project stands as another success story for Inline Design, and we look forward to serving Katie again in the future.