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Bronx, NY

In the vibrant borough of the Bronx, NY, a homeowner named Anthony had a vision for his stairs. His perfect solution came from Inline Design's square cable railing.

Attracted to its sleek design, Anthony contacted Inline Design. Their expert team confirmed that he could integrate his custom wood handrail with their railing system, providing a stylish and durable solution for his stairs.

When the product arrived, Anthony was impressed with its quality and design. The installation was seamless, and the transformation was striking. The square cable railing added a modern edge, while his custom wood handrail added a warm, personal touch.

Friends and family admired the successful blend of modern design and personal customization. Anthony's stairs became more than just a pathway; they became a design statement that set a new trend in the Bronx. His choice to use Inline Design's square cable railing showcased how modern design and personal touches can come together to create a striking space.