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A Builder's Testimonial on Inline Design's Square Glass and Cable Railing

When crafting a dream house in Brigantine, New Jersey, builder Eric chose Inline Design for innovative railing solutions. He used Square Glass Railing for an unobstructed exterior deck view and Square Cable Railing for interior stairs, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

The exterior deck boasts of a panoramic view, thanks to the transparent Square Glass Railing. It added modern sophistication to the beachfront property while blending nature with contemporary design. For the interior, Square Cable Railing provided seamless elegance and safety across the house's levels, adding a touch of modernity.

Eric's project stood out due to his hybrid use of both glass and cable railing, leading to a captivating blend of functionality and aesthetics. The combination resulted in a stunning design, highlighting the beachfront setting and modern elegance of the interior. In conclusion, Inline Design's railings helped Eric craft a beachfront haven that redefines coastal living.