Beautiful and Cohesive With Our Cable Railing System

This California home showcases a beautiful and harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces using cable systems. The interplay of warm, rich wood and stainless steel creates an exquisite contrast. Thanks to our custom design services, we were able to work hand in hand with the installer to achieve a seamless installation.

The stairs are equipped with our Miami Square cable railing system, while the flat deck runs feature San Francisco style cable fittings. Round handrails tie the entire project together.

The unique architecture of the interior living space led to the decision to end the handrail into the wall using our Stainless Steel Pivot Flange. The design cleverly utilizes minimal posts and allows the Stainless Steel Swage-less Terminal to install directly into the wall with a lag screw on the cable fitting. The principle of "less is more" clearly applies here!

Custom fabricated posts mount to the stairs using our Stainless Steel Pivot Flange for Square Tubing. Paired with our classic Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Round For Flat and Round Tube, the wall-mounted handrails using our Stainless Steel Round Tube result in an elegant look.