Bart’s Custom Hybrid Bar Railing System in CA

Bart Santos, a homeowner in California, successfully implemented Inline Design’s stainless steel Seattle Bar System and Gamma Quasar Handrail Wall Brackets into his modern, residential space. The system served as stylish safety barriers in his home, matching beautifully with various wooden elements of the house, including the maple posts and Dijon oak hardwood floor.

For his project, Bart secured two stainless steel bar holders on wood posts, supporting stainless steel bars at both ends, with seven bars and 14 holders for each half-wall. The design allowed for air circulation and openness, further emphasizing the house’s contemporary style.

The stairway installation used three sturdy Gamma Quasar Handrail Wall Brackets installed diagonally to support the wood handrail, providing a strong, durable fit. The 316 stainless steel material of the components ensured corrosion resistance against household cleaning agents, water, and debris.

Bart's successful customization illustrates the versatility of Inline Design’s products in harmonizing with various building layouts, themes, and styles, from commercial structures to cozy residential spaces.